You Have a Story Inside of You!
Become a Published Author
You need to tell your story and be a published author!
Join almost 70 people who have already shared their stories in the Empowering Women to Succeed Series and have helped 10s of 1000s of people in the process!
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're getting...
  • Work with 8-Time, #1 International Best Selling Authors
  • Working with a Professional Editor
  • ​Publishing
  • ​PR Media services for 1 month with an Award Winning Public Relations Media Expert (with the 3000 & 4000 word options)
  • ​Professional Head Shot
  • ​Dedicated page on our website linking back to yours (good for SEO)
  • ​Get connected with key influencers 
  • Collective circle of influence that reaches into the 10s of 1000s 
  • ​Create brand awareness 
  • ​New joint ventures 
  • ​Have a better biz card 
  • ​Get media attention
  • ​Get more speaking engagements 
  • ​Raise your credibility
  • ​Generate additional sources of income 
  • ​Differentiate yourself from your competition and show your uniqueness
  • ​Set yourself up as the expert and 'go to' person
  • ​4 Categories to choose from; Wealth Generation, Stories of Growth, Showtime!, and Leaders with Impact!
  • ​Chat with us to discuss which book is right for you!

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Find out what becoming a published author can do for you!
Learn something our authors are an expert in, in their personal businesses,
they will help you grow personally and professionally!

Testimonials / Don't just take our word for it...see what others have to say...

Claudia Harvey
Canadian businesswoman, investor, speaker and author
Maria Grazia Bevilacqua
​Dr. of Natural Medicine, International Speaker, 3 Time #1 International Best Selling Author, Helping people through Soulnatomy
Here's how it works...

These are the steps;

1. Click the link to get started
    (register or book a call).
2. Fill in the google form that you will receive by
3. Have a conversation with one of our team,
    we will discuss the process with you and decide
    which category you wish to be part of and
    which best suits you.
4. Go through the paperwork,
     then we get started!
5. You will write your story, or have it ghost
     written, all with the editor.
6. And voila!  You are now an author.

We will get you published and do a launch of your book!

4 Book Choices

1. Wealth Creation; Share a lesson or teaching showing your expertise in your business.

2. Stories of Growth; Share your personal and professional growth story.

3. Showtime!; Are you an artist sharing your story of music, dance or other performance.

4. Leaders with Impact; Be Featured with your picture with bio plus 3500 word chapter in a high gloss, oversized coffee table book

How long will it take to write my chapter?
It takes approximately 2 - 4 months from start to finish.

What is the process from beginning to end?
Apply to be in the book.
Our team will review your submission and have a conversation on the phone with you.
Once accepted to be in the book, we will send you a contract agreement, once it is signed, we will forward training materials, direction on how to get started and have you start the process of writing. 
You will have 30 days to send in your first draft Then we go through the editing process with our professional editing team..

Can I reorder more books?
Yes. It is all detailed in the agreement.

How do you promote my book?
We will send you a marketing questionnaire to see where you sit with marketing and explain our plan with you as we go along. There are numerous pieces to the puzzle and you are part of that puzzle.  Your marketing is part of that plan.

We have a mass marketing plan, consistently promoting each author and what they are all about
When you are done with this book you can go write, publish and promote your own book.

What are the benefits of sharing my story in the book?
Letters after your name :) (A.U.T.H.O.R.)
Over $5000 value in support and training
Speaking opportunity at the live EWTS book launch
Webinar opportunities to share your expertise and story
Social media and marketing training
Learn how to leveraging others to expand your network
Speaking opportunities, we always promote people to have our authors speak.
When we get approached, we refer our authors. There may be opportunities to speak at some of our smaller events.
Online launch going out to the world
Podcast yourself to 100s of 1000s online through iTunes and other podcast forums
Massive exposure
Credibility to increase your prices
A professionally edited and compiled book
Added credibility as an expert in your field


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