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Raptors Tickets – Receive a physical perforated ticket, when you arrive at the event prior to 10am, it will be numbered.  This will get you ONE ballot into the Raptors tickets Prize that will be called after lunch in the conference room.  You must be in the room to win.
Wheel Barrow of Wine – Passport system
You must engage with the exhibitors in order to complete your passport cards, once you have had a conversation with them, they will give you a sticker, once completed, you will put your card in the box at the registration desk and be eligible for a prize , including the wheel barrow of wine that will be called at the end of the day.  You must be in the room to win.
All other prizes (from exhibitors or whomever) – Raffle tickets & Passports
Arrive by 8:30am and receive 15 raffle tickets
Arrive by 9:00am and receive 10 raffle tickets
Arrive by 9:30am and receive 5 raffle tickets
Arrive by 9:45am and receive 2 raffle tickets
Arrive by 10:00am and later, receive 1 raffle ticket
The first 200 to attend will receive a swag bag to collect their materials throughout the day.
Buddy System – on the registration pages for the event, there is a spot to put a friend code, the friend code is BUDDY. If you are coming with a friend, when you show up to the event WITH your buddy you get a buddy pass. This will get you front row seating, right behind the VIPs in the conference room, when the speakers are on. A great perk!   Just to be will be sitting right behind the VIP section in the conference room.
Contest - $300 Cash, create a video that’s exciting and original about why you are attending the event and what you want to get out of it!  Share it, get people to like and comment on it. The person with the most activity will win $300 cash at the event. Make sure you hashtag #twe19 so we can see you created a video!

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