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Richmond Hill Country Club
8905 Bathurst St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0H4
10am - 8pm
Wealth Summit
Thurs. Nov. 29, 2018
Learn What Investment Options are Available
How to get the most Return on Your Money
Where to find or lend money
How to secure you and your families future & more!

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During the Presentations,
Our Experts Will Show You:
 How to grow your money

 How to manage your money better

 Financial product pros and cons

 How to protect your assets

 Increase your financial knowledge

 How to create a family legacy

 Tax saving strategies

 Interact with like-minded people, meet joint venture
    partners, clients and mentors
Tuesday September 25, 2018
Paradise Banquet Hall, 7601 Jane St. Vaughan - Just South of HWY 7

SCHEDULE OF PRESENTERS / One Great day packed full of learning!

** Speakers and Schedule subject to change

9:30am – 10:00am
Register, network, grab the best seat!

Opening Comments
 10:00am – 10:15am
Randi Goodman & Karim Mirshahi's welcoming statements
Ron Goldkind
Remax Realtron,
Gavin Treanor
Newlook Capital
10:15am - 11:20am
Using Referral Marketing to quadruple your sales,
A unique Crowdfunding opportunity

Lurline Henriques
TT & T Properties
11:20am - 11:50am
Setting yourself up for Retirement at any age!
Harry Stinson
Stinson Developments

12:00pm – 12:45pm
Condo and Hotel Renovation investments

Lunch Hour

12:45pm – 2:00pm
Cheryl Ivaniski,
Dennis Meharchand,
Rachel Oliver,
Eni Oszlai,
Pamela Labelle
2:00pm – 4:10pm
Financial Doctor
Tax Sheltering Your Money
Jaime Vilas,
Randi Goodman

4:10pm – 5:30pm
Finding money
Digital Marketing tools for your business & How a book can Explode it
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Investors, Lenders, Agents, Coaches, Knowledge
Dinner & Networking
7:00pm – 9:00pm
A little bit about our Speakers

Harry Stinson, Stinson Developments

Harry Stinson was born in Toronto, Ontario and received his formal education at the University of Toronto. Harry now resides in Hamilton, Ontario where he is president of Stinson Developments Inc.
Harry Stinson is a well-known entrepreneur and innovator. Stinson first business was launched in 1967 as a catering company that handled private dinners and banquets in Toronto, as well as a seasonal (summertime) café in Muskoka.

In 1971, he created The Groaning Board Restaurant; Toronto’s first ‘healthy-food’ and non-smoking restaurant, which was successfully operated by the Stinson family for over 25 years, an unusual lifespan in the restaurant business.

The company expanded from a small restaurant into several major supper clubs, offering an eclectic program of live entertainment, including major artists in folk, rock, blues, jazz and comedy. Stinson also developed a unique and very long-running feature at the restaurants known as “The World’s Best Commercials” where diners could view reels of prize-winning international ads. The Canadian rights to these films were owned by Adfilms Ltd., another Stinson family company, which has since relocated to Hamilton. Stinson also owned and operated a 500-seat, art-deco revue cinema, at which Stinson periodically produced live concerts.

Stinson founded and operated Harry Stinson Real Estate, which he built throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s to become Toronto’s leading condominium resale brokerage. Although independent, Stinson’s brokerage eventually held the largest residential market share in the central downtown core of any individual or franchise brokerage office.

Over the years, Stinson became increasingly involved in condominium development, acting as a principal, joint venture partner and/or consultant in a wide range of projects, the common thread being that each project was comparatively unique and/or posed unusual challenges of design, marketing or construction.

Lurline Henriques, TT & T Properties

Have you ever wanted to purchase a lot of real estate but never thought it was possible?
Would you like to retire with over a million dollars at any age?

Lurline can show you how.

No money down, no credit, bad credit ... sounds too good to be true??

Oh but it’s absolutely true.

Work with Lurline who will coach or mentor you into going from no money into your 7 figure retirement at any age.

Whether you want to do real estate investing in Canada or the United States she is the #1 Strategist with a template that you just need to keep duplicating.

She is the Award Winning Author of the first real estate investment book that was written in the English Language specific to Immigrants and the bestselling author of The Secret to Wealth that she co-authored with the legend Brian Tracy and other world successful authors.

Gavin Treanor, Newlook Capital

Gavin is an Aerospace Engineer by training, having started his career with Rand Worldwide and quickly moved to Country Manager running the Asia-Pacific division based in Australia. Gavin then founded a Merchant Banking firm focused on identifying and developing strategic metals for B.R.I.C. Countries and had offices in Australia, China and Africa. 

In the last 10 years, he has founded, raised substantial capital and sold several entities operating in Africa, Asia and North America. Gavin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the capital markets, asset management, mergers, and acquisitions to the Newlook Team.

Cheryl Lynn Ivaniski Dr. Ac., C.H., RDH

Cheryl Ivaniski is a best selling author, international speaker, Dr. Holitic Medicine - Dr. Acupuncture, Wellness Authority . Cheryl believes that having a truly healthy lifestyle includes not just great physical , emotional and spiritual health but financial wealth as well.

Cheryl is an accredited real estate investor and has presented to investment clubs in Canada and the USA .She developed her coaching programs in 2011 and has been helping clients to not invest in just one cash flowing property but how to invest in multiple properties creating million dollar portfolios.

Cheryl created her 7 week Investing in Real Estate coaching series after she bought her first 12 properties in 12 months. She has gone on to expand her portfolio to include Canadian franchise eateries , and 4 other businesses.

Cheryl believes in the power of diversification with real estate as the solid basis.Cheryl has appeared on the cover of Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine in recent months and is co authoring her upcoming book with Brian Tracey called the secrets to wealth where she shares more on her success secrets to investing in real estate.

Investing in residential properties, multi plex buildings, commercial opportunities, understanding financing and leverage, private lending and operating property management firms are all part of Cheryl's portfolio. 

Rachel Oliver, Clover Properties, Emcee of the Wealth Summit Nov. 29

Rachel Oliver is the co-host of Mothers of Real Estate TV Show and an award-winning Rent to Own investor. In 2009, after her 20th year in the corporate world, Rachel retired from the rat race to spend more time with her family and invest in Rent to Own properties. Today, she is affectionately known as the “queen of cash flow” because she helps investors profit with Rent to Own properties, without headaches of being a landlord. She is also the author of an Amazon best-selling book Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers. Together with her husband, Rachel owns and operates Clover Properties, Canada’s leading Rent to Own company. 

As Canada’s most reputable Rent to Own agency, Clover Properties caters to investors who want above average cash flow without the headaches or risks of being a landlord. Learn more at:

Pamela Labelle, Business Exchange

The Business Exchange specializes in lead generation in the franchise and business opportunity industry, in print and online.
Founded by Pamela Labelle, the first issue of The Business Exchange came out in Toronto on November 1998. Frustrated with her search due to the lack of selection and brief descriptions of the classifieds, she started looking for a publication that specialized in businesses for sale. In her search she found nothing existed. There was suddenly a great opportunity staring at her in the face, and hence the idea of The Business Exchange was born.

Today The Business Exchange is a successful magazine that connects buyers and sellers of established businesses for sale, franchises for sale and business opportunities.

The Business Exchange in Canada can be found online at The Commercial Exchange can be found online at All the listings in print can be found online in our searchable database, making it easier for business buyers to quickly find what they are looking. 

Readers can subscribe to our New Listing Alerts. With this great new feature readers can be notified of new listings via email, watch listings and save their searches.

The Business Exchange is dedicated to being a great resource for entrepreneurs who are passionate about finding their perfect business opportunity.

Ron Goldkind, RE/MAX Realtron Realty

Ron came to Re/Max Realtron after 23 years with the most successful real estate marketing agency in Canada where he worked with, and trained thousands of realtors and brokers. Ron specializes in finding and enhancing realtor's abilities to create TOP PRODUCERS.

 First licensed in 1986 Ron's knowledge of residential, investment and commercial real estate has assisted thousands of realtors across Canada to employ marketing strategies that have resulted in dramatic increases in their production levels. Ron was born and raised in the North York/Thornhill area and lives with his wife and 3 children. Ron looks forward to showing you the numerous advantages of being part of the REALTRON family!

Monika Jazyk, Real Property Investments & Mothers of Real Estate TV

Monika Jazyk, is a wife and proud mother of four wonderful, yet expensive, children, who chose Real Estate as an investment vehicle to build monthly income and long term wealth for her family.
After a tumultuous two years of actively investing in a wide range of Real Estate Investment strategies, Monika and her husband Vaughan identified specific Real Estate models they used to create a successful real estate portfolio and a lifestyle of freedom for themselves and their family.

Monika is co-owner of Real Property Investments, a Real Estate Investment Corporation that helps Real People build Real wealth through Real Estate!

Monika is passionate about helping other people create wealth through Real Estate and alternative investments so they can reach their financial and personal goals.

To date Real Property Investments has assisted over 800 investors utilizing these models and the power teams they have established across Canada providing them with Real Estate education and coaching to invest the REAL way!

Monika shares her knowledge and experience on stages across Canada, in her book “Real Estate Mistakes. Our Mistakes Your Success” and on her television show which she co-hosts alongside two other female Investors, Mothers of Real Estate Television.

Eni Oszlai, RBC Insurance

Eni Oszlai is an Award winning Financial Doctor, RBC’s TOP Financial Specialist in Canada.

She is leading a team of 10 advisor in the GTA, and has a proven track record of increasing her clients’ businesses, and her teams’ profitability by over 338% within 60 days.

She has been in the financial services industry for over 12 years, and has been helping thousands of families, individuals and businesses reach and surpass their financial goals, increase their revenues while minimizing their tax burden.

Some of her strengths are that she works with her clients on a holistic basis, providing a comprehensive, long-term financial plan. She has the natural talent of breaking down any financial concept in easy-to-understand terms making her clients feel comfortable, so that they can make educated choices for their future. She holds several licences, including for investments, insurance and real estate, which makes her the successful financial doctor who she is today. In addition, she has obtained a Teaching degree and a Master certificate in Adult Education, and successfully completed the Leadership & Coaching course with Noel Walrond, graduate of international best-selling author and master coach, Bob Proctor.

She not only provides her clients with professional financial needs analysis, and a custom-tailored financial solution plan they need, but she genuinely helps them to prosper, assisting and connecting them with her vast network to help her clients grow their businesses, allowing them to reach their potential much faster, stronger.

Jaime Vilas, Secure Capital Mortgage Investment Corp.

Jaime Vilas has been a Top producing Mortgage agent/Mortgage broker since 2001 specializing in the Alternative and Private mortgage space. 

Jaime has closed over 1000 private loans for his clients. 

Jaime joined the Secure Capital Mic team in 2007 as their Business development manager and has been a managing partner since 2014. 

Rebecca Spour, Financial Consultant

Rebecca Spour is a serial entrepreneur passionate about the future of money and digitization. She works with high growth disruptive SMEs, family offices, accredited investors, media, and institutions to help them lead with blockchain technology. Through tokenizing their assets, companies are able to digitize their record keeping, to be global sooner, reduce fees, automate, speed up trade execution, increase their exposure to wider investor bases and market to anybody with an internet connection. She has partnered with industry heavy weights in Asia, US, and the middle east who have been featured in noteworthy magazines like Forbes, Bloomberg, Billionaire, Success, Entrepreneur for the way they are disrupting venture capital with blockchain technology.
Born in the Capital region of Canada, Rebecca believes Canada will pioneer tokenomics to change global commerce in every way. She was introduced to the nascent digital asset sector in 2014 by University of Guelph peers who raised 20+ million for a p2p consensus protocol and quickly grew their business from two coders to several hundred.
Formerly at power corp since 2012, she has valuable experience as a financial consultant and is known for her passion for behavioural economics; where mind meets money. Rebecca Spour holds a degree in neuroscience from the University of Guelph, is a licensed benefits broker and formerly a mutual fund dealer.
She is also a shareholder in another stealth mode technology company trying to rid the world of having to remember passwords by creating universal logins via patented biometrics applications.
She has also reported on various business topics for Canadian National News, European Club of Canada, Toronto Waterfront Magazine, and various cryptocurrency online publications.

She is excited about how blockchain will help society build more trust and how it will create data-driven insights for tangible measurable social or environmental actionable decision making to maximize longitudinal sustainable global impact. In her spare time, Rebecca makes music, cooks, attempts to work out consistently, and enjoys modern progressive art. 

Dennis Meharchand, Valt.X Cyber Security

Dennis Meharchand is the Co-Founder and CEO of Valt.X Cyber Security.
He immigrated to Canada from Durban, South Africa in 1975. Mr. Meharchand attended the Computer Science program at University of Toronto and joined CIBC in 1979 and was quickly promoted to develop the Executive Information Systems for the Bank's most Senior Executives.
Mr. Meharchand subsequently created Canada's first electronic Voice Mail Company.
Mr. Meharchand will speak about the opportunity of investing in Technology Companies before they list on a Stock Exchange. Savvy investors earn 150% to 1550% within one year 100% of the time by getting involved in these Companies and earn massive returns of 375 times Principal or more longer term.
Mr. Meharchand will show how anyone can get involved before a Company lists through a CROWDBUY program - a twist on Crowdfunding that he invented.
You'll Definitely Want to Be There!

PARTNERS / Check out these partners for the event

About the Producers
Randi Goodman,
Toronto Women's Expo & Empowering Women to Succeed

The Toronto Women’s Expo is on it’s 9th year and is a one-day combination seminar-and-trade-show, designed to take you to the next level of success in your personal life and your business life.

New products and services can be found by networking with entrepreneurs at the exhibitor tables ... and new clients, partners and mentors can be found by networking with other attendees just like you.

Only the best appear on our stage and they give everything they’ve got ... their knowledge, tools and resources ... to help you succeed.

Other platforms offered by Randi Goodman are the Empowering Women to Succeed Conference, #1 International Best-Selling Book series by the same name, retreats, sales programs and online shopping for healthy products as well as earning a residual income.      

Contact: Randi Goodman 1-844-416-1422

Karim Mirshahi,
PBN Events & Waterfront Magazine

PBN is a community of business professionals committed to helping
each other succeed in their professional and business lives through networking and building relationships. Social networking is a powerful tool to help you achieve professional and business success.

For over 17 years PBN and our sponsors have faithfully been inviting you to seminars, networking events, parties and openings. You’ve been there with us. The world has changed since our first cocktail style party in 2001. Back then we had a little over 30 guests attend. Now we can draw crowds in the hundreds. PBN networking events expand both your personal and professional networks. You make contacts, create referrals and enjoy hot and cold hors d’oeuvres while you mingle with Toronto’s business elite.

Contact: Karim Mirshahi - 416-4204444

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  • Free Parking!
  • if there is overflow, there is additional parking in the residential area across Bathurst St.


Learn from International Experts, gain the knowledge and tools to help your money grow for you!

Learn tips on how to 'get out of your own way' in terms of investing your money and have it multiply for you

Meet new business connections, partners, referral partners, joint venture partners and new friends!

Make an impact on yourself and your business by spending the day with us.  Do it in style as a VIP, your best option at any event!


  • $150
  • Includes lunch & dinner
  • Preferred VIP Seating
  • recording of the days speakers


  • Richmond Hill Country Club
  • 8905 Bathurst St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0H4


  • 10:00am - 6pm for the main event
  • 6 - 8:00 for the evening dinner & event
  • Doors open at 9:30am
  • Arrive before 10am to receive a ballot to win a pair of tickets to a Raptors Game!
Look What These Success Authorities Say About Us!
"The most important asset an entrepreneur needs to grow their business is community.
Randi Goodman has created a stellar entrepreneurial community that I am lucky to be a part of.

My connections, clients and  cash have grown over 1000% within her network! Likewise, my contribution has helped hundreds of people grow, flourish and prosper.

It’s a win-win, creating global Impact for the greater good."

- Odette Peek,
Look At These Amazing Success Stories From People Who Took Advantage Of Our Events ...
Claudia Harvey came to an event and  became a co-author in our 1st book. This opened many doors for her within our circle of influence.

She has now been on stage with Tony Robbins, Pitbull, Damen John and more!

Would you like to speak on stage on that level?

For Claudia, it all started by coming out to an event.
Hailey suffered through more than most people could imagine. Then, she came to an event and joined one of our projects.

Now, Hailey is a happiness and resiliency coach and gets 20 to 30 new leads at every event.

Some of the coaches we've helped are now charging their clients $500 - $2k/hour!

How many of you are coaches? You NEED this event!
Greg Turner started a marketing agency but was struggling.

He wrote a book called "SuperSize Your Business" and
came to one of our events to give a copy to us.

Now, Greg has acquired many clients through our network.

"Thanks to you, today I have a marketing agency in Jamaica with a staff of 8 because of your events and circle of influence."
Gaby has a full-time job and wanted to be an author, coach and speaker.
She contributed to our best seller, "Empowering Women To Succeed".
At the book launch, she was hired to speak at a medical convention.
They were so impressed that they invited her back. The organizer told her, "You have no idea how many doors I will be opening for you."

We'll show you how to be a published author, gain credibility, status, and business growth..
Empowering Women to Succeed was conceived at one of our Business Wealth Summits as a co-authored book project and soon became a #1 International Best Seller. It then became an annual conference to support you to achieve your highest potential.
This one-day event provides tools, resources and connections to help you grow personally and professionally.
Do You Want...
  •  More Clients?
  •  More Sales?
  •  Less Stress?
  •  Better Relationships?

The Good News...
You'll leave this event empowered and experiencing a breakthrough.

Take what you’ve learned and scale your businesses and investments, do business with high level influencers, improve your relationships and increase your impact.

Overcome obstacles that have held you captive for years.

Bring others along with you for the ride.
Reasons To "Just Go"
We’ve helped hundreds of people go from "Step Zero" to achieving their dreams and walking in their destiny. Documentation beats conversation ... and we have lots of case studies to share with you.

Look around you.

You resemble the people you spend most of your time with.

If the majority of that time is with negative people who have no vision you’ll most likely find yourself being negative and without vision.

But, if you spend time with well-rounded, successful people, your chances for success go through the roof!

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